Movement is life – if we are not growing we are dying!

As a movement coach I can honestly say movement is everything. We can tell so much about who someone is, by their movements. We get really good at whatever we practice: whether that is sitting still, running, yoga, Pilates or even dancing!

If we can step out of the exercise bubble of the gym for a second, what movements inspire you? What do you look at and admire? What gets you excited? What have you always secretly dreamed of doing?

For me, its dance. As an awkward child, I hated dancing as I was so painfully self conscious. I found that the gym was safe, the repetition of movements were safe but dance was scary, it was like being on show. But over the years, by practicing yoga, animal flow techniques and other movements that I’ve felt safe doing, I’m ready to face my fears and engaging in more types of dancing!

You can bite the bullet and jump straight into the thing you really want to do, or your could find some solid stepping stones to build your way up! I promise you, whatever it is that sparks you into life, once you start you will feel pulled to go and be more!

The awesome consequence is that however you start moving, this positively affect your everyday life! The strength gained in your physical and mental well-being will help with so many aspects of your life! The dedication will rub off in so many other areas – the discipline, the focus, the elegance and grace. Your walk will have more confidence, you will be more magnetic! How exciting!!

So what would you like to do?

Who do you want to become?