My best friend and I have a number of mutual bonds but one in particular has stood out in recent times… We both love our nans! She told me recently that she believes it is why we get on so well! At her Nan’s funeral she knew exactly how her Nan and Grandad met. She knew the story of their first date and she had an incredible relationship with her! She would see her Nan nearly everyday and they had a such a beautifully strong bond!

It’s hard to feel lonely in this world when you have those strong bonds and connections with others!

As I’ve been lucky enough to get the amazing job of helping people to get fitter, healthier and releasing trapped emotions from my friends, family and clients (though I think of them all as family really), I have been able to get to know people on a much much deeper level.

For example, I learnt that on the way home from school my Nan was shot at by German fighters flying over the street she lived in. She can still see the pilot’s face to this day! I’ve discovered things that have had a lasting impact on people’s lives, I’ve discovered relationships I’d never known could exist! My Grandad can talk to me like a friend, my Nan can call me if she has physical or emotional pain and we can release it immediately!

People can tell me their problems and I really feel I can help… But you don’t have to be a coach or a trainer or an Emotion Code Practitioner to do this, you can simply do a few things. Find another person and:

  1. Be present. Be there with them (not on looking at your phone or thinking about what else you should be doing).
  2. Ask them questions like:
    • What is your favourite memory as a child?
    • Where is your favourite place?
    • What is your favourite food?
    • Who was your first love?
    • What is your idea Christmas?
    • The more you practice the easier it will become!
  3. Just listen to them – with no judgement.
  4. And repeat

After one of my nans passed away I didn’t know how to make it better for my family, so I just asked for them all to tell me their favourite memories of her. I got to discover more about my Nan and they got to relive the magic of their time together! Sometimes we feel like we can’t fix it, but what if there is nothing to fix. We just get to be there and connect!

So your assingment this week: discover the magic of great relationships!