You may have read some books by Gregg Braden. If not, he may be worth looking into a little as he believes that change in the world can come about by changing our beliefs. Think about that idea for a moment.
I love how he looks at words as a means of bringing about the right feelings in order to create the right effects. Where do you stand on this in your own experience?
With a background in computing at a high level, he feels that we can change ourselves and thereby the world by recoding ourselves and sees prayers as instructions to our consciousness and as designs to bring about healing and miracles by altering our beliefs. Prayers are designed to connect us to the creative forces in the universe. A big idea!
He analyses The Lord’s Prayer in this pretty interesting (and persuasive?) manner and invites us to look at the great prayers of other religions in a similar way. Interesting? Yep!
Will you?