An incredible teacher I always look to, talks about the necessity of staying in a “beautiful state”. A lot of people are always searching for happiness, but happiness, like any emotion, is temporary.

Whereas a beautiful state can be a feeling of gratitude, passion, interest, calm, peace, tranquility and so on. The importance of this is on so many levels:

Just 3 minutes of stress can lower our immune systems for 10 hours and up to a whole 3 days. The less time we spend in fear and anger, the better for our immune systems!

We tend to be less productive in a negative state of mind: less creative, less present and less alive

When we are in a place of judgement towards others, we cannot help. By being empathetic and trying to understand and leading by example and loving and accepting the other person we have the ability to connect with them and have better relationships

Finally we are beings of patterns… whatever we do, yes WHATEVER WE DO,  we create patterns or neural pathways. The more we do something the easier it is to go back to it. Whether it be a yoga pose, a work out, 10 squats, choosing a beautiful state or thinking about the what is lacking in our lives, they all become more deeply entrenched. So pick your new patterns wisely!!

So here are 3 quick tips for staying in a beautiful state:

1. When you feel exhausted or like giving up on a task, choose to take a rest and come back to it (whatever it is) later when you feel better. Choosing to take a break and rest will stop the downward spiral that comes with a decision made when we aren’t feeling our best.

2. Think about what you could feel grateful for in the moment. If you are arguing with your spouse or child or friend switch it up and think about how amazing it is to have this person in your life. This person who at one time you dreamt of going on a date with, or the baby you were so excited to meet or the fact that you have friends and other people live a life without love and connection. Where can you choose gratitude?

3. Finally, this is my personal go to… “Ho’ponopono” it!! When I’m really stuck I will focus on my breathing and just repeat the following:

I love you.
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.

In any order until the discomfort I felt in my body has disappeared.

I hope this has helped in someway and I wish you unlimited health and beautiful moods!!

Love Aimie