Firstly, this is an open letter of thanks to Nigel Lowson.

Nigel, Matt and I set up 3 years ago after Nigel had positively impacted mine and many other lives at my Personal Training, Yoga and Pilates studio.

Nigel came along to a Pilates class and the first thing that struck me was that he had a zest for life I’d never seen befire! He had so much energy, passion, curiosity and willingness and openness to try new things.

In that class Nigel would say a few things each week that would make me laugh and also wanting to know what I needed to do to become more like Nigel.

So one day I asked what was Nigel’s secret? He simply said ‘Meditation’ so I asked him to teach me and he did…

Since meeting Nigel and doing his course (that you can find at I’ve noticed huge changes in myself!

1. Non attachment of material possessions.

I’d alway been a hoarder and would become emotionally attached to clothes, to things I’d spent ‘a lot of money’ on, to things I’d lost, to missed opportunities, to my expectations and these things that once seemed like the centre of my universe. Now, something I once needed, no longer has that pull over me. I am able to let things go with so much more ease than ever and it’s freeing!!

2. My relationships are so much better!!

I’ve practiced all sorts of meditations and visualisations after Nigel inspired me on a journey of self inquiry and one of the biggest things that has changed for the better is my relationships with my family and friends. I can honestly say that the majority of the time I love them all unconditionally. I accept them for who they are and love them for who they are. I no longer judge people who don’t do what I do or that do things I don’t understand. I am able to put myself in their shoes if needed and as a result I have the best family and the best friends I could’ve ever dreamt of… The only thing that has changed is me!

3. And finally total acceptance of where I am right now.

This is with the knowledge and understanding that I can change things if I want to. I no longer look at celebrities and feel that they have it better, I am totally content with who I am and my life and with these thoughts I am rich and I am totally grateful!!

Nigel has changed my life for the better and has been my mentor for the past 6 years. He has answered every single phone call and listened to me and given me the advice I’ve needed to hear.

I cannot put into words the impact he has had on me and I can honestly say that if you are not totally 100% happy with your life, doing Nigel’s meditation course or having Nigel as a mentor would be giving yourself an incredible gift!!

You have to do the work and you have to be willing to change and be open to new ways of thinking and new practices. It’s not always easy, but it is worth it!!

Thank you so much Nigel!!

Aimie x