To maximise our chances of preventing diseases and of helping any disease we have to leave us, we need lots of things – but they are not out of reach. A healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition, regular exercise, adequate sleep and excludes unhealthy addictions is great – but that alone is not sufficient.
We should also aim for healthy relationships – with loved ones, friends and colleagues – and healthy ways of spending our days – our days have to mean something whether we are in work or not.
We should also allow our creative, sexual and spiritual sides freedom to express themselves. We should try to live in a healthy environment and ensure our mental and emotional lives are steeped in optimism (it is true that optimists live 7 years longer than pessimists because they believe bad events to be temporary, external to them and are just a specific event unlinked to others), happiness, acceptance and free from anxiety and fear as far as possible.
If this sounds too much for you (why?) then just try two things for a couple of months and see the difference in you and your health.
  1. Stop trying to be someone you’re not; stop trying to fit in and be who you are. (Now there’s a challenge!)
  2. Live and love with all your heart. Connect to people deeply, from the heart. Be more forgiving, stop judging others, and resist any temptation to feel guilt or shame. (There’s another challenge!!)

With love,