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Create What You Want!

After 12 years of personal development and self inquiry, something Nigel and many other teachers have been saying the entire time, has finally made sense. It’s all about focus – focusing on what you want, not what you don’t want! It’s soooooo easy to get stuck in a story of our suffering, of how life isn’t how we want it to be and to re-affirm our limitations… “I’m not slim enough”, “I’m not fit enough”, “I’m not smart enough” and so on. The reality is that focusing on the limitations will not help us get the results we really...

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Nigel’s Influence

Firstly, this is an open letter of thanks to Nigel Lowson. Nigel, Matt and I set up 3 years ago after Nigel had positively impacted mine and many other lives at my Personal Training, Yoga and Pilates studio. Nigel came along to a Pilates class and the first thing that struck me was that he had a zest for life I’d never seen befire! He had so much energy, passion, curiosity and willingness and openness to try new things. In that class Nigel would say a few things each week that would make me laugh and also wanting to...

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Staying in a Beautiful State

An incredible teacher I always look to, talks about the necessity of staying in a “beautiful state”. A lot of people are always searching for happiness, but happiness, like any emotion, is temporary. Whereas a beautiful state can be a feeling of gratitude, passion, interest, calm, peace, tranquility and so on. The importance of this is on so many levels: Just 3 minutes of stress can lower our immune systems for 10 hours and up to a whole 3 days. The less time we spend in fear and anger, the better for our immune systems! We tend to be...

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The Power of Pranayama

Hello Wonderful People! Let me introduce you to something that is so incredibly powerful, but as Westerners we might just overlook it as it seems too simple, maybe too easy? Or just not tough enough to get us any results? I thought so too until I tried it! We’ve all heard the term “no pain no gain” right? Well I say it’s wrong! I believe it’s all about being kind to our bodies and getting balance. And by balance I don’t mean because I’ve had a green smoothie today, I can now eat a McDonalds! Yuk. I mean balancing...

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Discover The Magic Of Great Relationships!

My best friend and I have a number of mutual bonds but one in particular has stood out in recent times… We both love our nans! She told me recently that she believes it is why we get on so well! At her Nan’s funeral she knew exactly how her Nan and Grandad met. She knew the story of their first date and she had an incredible relationship with her! She would see her Nan nearly everyday and they had a such a beautifully strong bond! It’s hard to feel lonely in this world when you have those strong...

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