About Us

Move & Nourish is the result of lots of fun and wonderfully engaging conversations between its co-creators, Aimie and Nigel.

They first met when Nigel started Pilates classes at Aimie’s studio in Worcester and a friendship took off from the outset. They explored various different ways of being able to help people through guidance on increased wellness, better health & greater happiness – through fitness, yoga, nutrition and meditation.

And then the “Eureka” moment arrived! Why not put their combined expertise online so it is accessible to everyone?

Move & Nourish was born and the foundation was clear from the outset: provide positive, expert guidance online to allow you, the member, to nourish yourself to greater happiness and health.

We want it to be more than just a website.

Our aim is for Move & Nourish to be a source of inspiration; a focal point for great energy and positivity and the meeting place for you and others – an online community for Move & Nourish members.

So whether you want to become happier, healthier, less stressed or calmer in everyday life (hopefully a combination of all 4!), we are here, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help, guide and support you in achieving your goals!