Potential Injury , Damage and/or Loss
Before changing your diet or starting a new exercise regime, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor or healthcare professional to ensure you are physically and mentally able to embark on your very personal journey to improved happiness & health.

As with most activities, there is a small risk of physical injury associated with participation in some of the online content provided by this website and it is important that you take some time to consider those risks and ensure that the environment you view the website’s content in is suitably safe and any potential risks or hazards are identified and avoided.


Before engaging in the exercises provided, please ensure that you have sufficient room and space to perform the moves outlined. Any and all injuries, damages and losses are incurred at your own risk and Move & Nourish does not accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss incurred.


Please note that all content produced for Move & Nourish is the intellectual property of Move & Nourish and should not be shared, copied or distributed without the express permission of Move & Nourish.


Serious stuff over… Now let’s go and have some fun!