Meditation with Nigel



Chief Meditator

Nigel has been practising meditation for over 25 years and has used his knowledge and insight to advise, help and guide his students over the course of a 30-year career as a schoolteacher. Nigel is passionate about helping others and believes that the “answers” each of us seek are within us, albeit well-hidden at times!

The Course

Nigel guides you through a series of daily and weekly meditations over course of 12 months – ideal for those meditating for the first or looking to return to a consistent, positive practice.

Simple Meditations

In addition to the more structured course, these videos are a mixture of short meditations and guidance from Nigel to help, assist and encourage you to meditate on a regular basis.

Nigel's Blogs

Nigel also posts numerous vlogs and blogs throughout the month, based around the theme of the month. So keep an eye out for his latest offerings, thoughts and direction.