Nutritional Guru

As well as being our resident movement expert, Aimie is equally passionate about nourishing the body through healthy and natural foods. Aimie’s recipes are great for those suffering with food intolerances and allergies – particularly coeliacs, those wanting to avoid refined sugar, wheat/gluten, dairy and processed foods.

Smoothies & Juices

Check out the latest recipes to super charge your nourishment plan. Quick, easy and yummy combinations of fruit and vegetables – blended and juiced to perfection.

Snacks & Salads

Discover delicious recipes to mix up your eating plan, enjoy some delicious, nourishing food and keep the whole family entertained with great, natural food.

Treats & Desserts

Get ready to wow family & friends with your sweet treat and dessert recipes that are refined sugar free, full of goodness and taste simply amazing.