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What we put into our bodies nourishes us inside & out.
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One Year. 365 Meditations.

Practical Meditations with Nigel.
One Year. 365 Meditations.

We’re delighted to announce that on Monday 1 May 2017, we will begin our journey together through a series of daily meditations over the course of the next 12 months. One Year. 365 Meditations.

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The Power of Pranayama

Hello Wonderful People! Let me introduce you to something that is so incredibly powerful, but as Westerners we might just overlook it as it seems too simple, maybe too easy? Or just not tough enough to get us any results? I thought so too until I tried it! We’ve all...

Discover The Magic Of Great Relationships!

My best friend and I have a number of mutual bonds but one in particular has stood out in recent times… We both love our nans! She told me recently that she believes it is why we get on so well! At her Nan’s funeral she knew exactly how her Nan and Grandad met. She...

Discover A New Way To Move

Movement is life - if we are not growing we are dying! As a movement coach I can honestly say movement is everything. We can tell so much about who someone is, by their movements. We get really good at whatever we practice: whether that is sitting still, running,...

Discover A New Way To Eat

Seek and you shall find. Louise Hay said it best: nutrition books are written by people who have had health problems, have found a way to heal their symptoms and want to share their findings with the world! There is a difference between food (things we can eat) and...

Why Move & Nourish?

Move & Nourish is the result of lots of fun and wonderfully engaging conversations between its co-creators, Aimie and Nigel.

They first met when Nigel started Pilates classes at Aimie’s studio in Worcester and a friendship took off from the outset. They explored various different ways of being able to help people through guidance on increased wellness, better health & greater happiness – through fitness, yoga, nutrition and meditation.

And then the “Eureka” moment arrived! Why not put their combined expertise online so it is accessible to everyone?

Move & Nourish was born and the foundation was clear from the outset: provide positive, expert guidance online to allow you, the member, to nourish yourself to greater happiness and health.

We want it to be more than just a website.

Our aim is for Move & Nourish to be a source of inspiration; a focal point for great energy and positivity and the meeting place for you and others – an online community for Move & Nourish members.

So whether you want to become happier, healthier, less stressed or calmer in everyday life (hopefully a combination of all 4!), we are here, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help, guide and support you in achieving your goals!

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